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Can the Public be Trusted?
(On contract with CUP, Expected End of 2023)

Yuval Feldman

The Ethicality of Group vs Individual Big-Data Predictors of Voluntary Compliance

Ori Aronson, Orly Lobel & Yuval Feldman

Post Covid Long Term Adherence of Patients to Alternative Behaviorally Based Interventions

Dan Wexler, Nadav Davidovich & Yuval Feldman

Honesty Pledges in Competitive Environments

Ronit Montal-Rosenberg,  Eyal Pe'er & Yuval Feldman

Systematic Review of Self Regulation's Efficacy

Libby Maman & Yuval Feldman

Experimental Analysis of the role of Empathy
in Contract Interpretation

Ori Katz & Yuval Feldman

Text Mining Approach to Puffery and Hypocrisy in sustainability reports of Publicly Traded Companies

Hajin Kim & Yuval Feldman

Public Preferences for Pledges vs. Affidavits

Rinat Markovitch-ikhh Hilo, Eyal Pe'er & Yuval Feldman

Tax morale and tax behavior- a Meta-analysis

Jonathan Slater, Matthias Kasper, Ewout Meijer & Yuval Feldman

Betrayal vs. Hallo Effect in Public responses to misconducts of Top ESG companies

Hajin Kim & Yuval Feldman

Comparative Analysis of Persuasion Styles in Covid Compliance

Or Cohen Sasson & Yuval Feldman

What Exactly is Intrinsically Motivated Compliance?

Michael Goldboim & Yuval Feldman

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